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Plastic Extrusion Finishing

Plastic Fabrication and Plastic Finishing Services

Plastic Extrusion Technologies has been in the business of manufacturing extruded plastic parts and products since 1997. Our goal is to assist multiple industries that require plastic finishing services such as construction, HVAC, safety industry, and more! Many companies undergo extrusion prototyping before encountering the many challenges that come along with it. Plastic Extrusion Technologies can help you out!

Some of the plastic materials that we work with include:

  • ABS – a type of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene plastic typically used for injection molding applications
  • PC/ABS – a polycarbonate/ABS composite
  • Acrylic – a clear plastic that often resembles glass
  • Flexible PVC & Rigid PVC – Often used in construction, for tubing or as wire
  • Polypropylene – Excellent impact resistance in cold weather applications
  • Polyethylene – High and low density Polyethylene resins are known for their high chemical resistance properties
  • Polyurethane – polymer composed of organic units connected by urethane links
  • HDPE – a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum and is of the most versatile plastic materials. HDPE is used in plastic bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, cutting boards and piping.
  • TPR/TPO – Thermal Plastic Rubber / Thermal Plastic Olefin resins used most often in automotive and sealing gasket applications. Excellent cold temperature properties. Also a good alternative to certain thermoset rubbers. Able to be colored.
  • Nylon 6 – Resin known for its toughness and resistance to wear
  • Noryl – Resin with excellent electrical characteristics. Good for high temperature applications where RPVC fails

Surface Finishing

We have the knowledge to meet any clients’ need, including multiple options in plastic fabrication. Our finishing services can help with abrasion, corrosion resistance, and more. Examples of these methods include:

Custom Color Matching
Often, applications may require a custom color match. We are able to extrude a variety of different-colored PVCs, polyethylenes, ABS, nylon, polypropylene, and TPR’s daily to meet the demands of an ever-growing market. Our state of the art technology even allows us to use multiple colors on a single product for our more artistic customers. After all, endless colors and consistent quality equal unlimited opportunities.

Co-Extrusion and Tri-Extrusions
Coextrusion is defined as the simultaneous extrusion of multiple layers or substrates of material. This type of extrusion utilizes two or more extruders to melt and deliver a steady volumetric throughput of different viscous plastics to a single extrusion head (die), which extrudes the materials into the desired form. The thickness of each layer is determined by the relative speed and size of the individual extruders delivering the materials.
Coextrusions allow Plastic Extrusion Technologies to employ the unique characteristics of various polymers in the same small-diameter tubing. This produces a multitude of useful products you will only find at Plastic Extrusion Technologies.

Notching and Drilling
At Plastic Extrusion Technologies, our notching and drilling services are designed to meet your own individual specifications and schedules. They can be performed in-line, off-line, or beside the line, depending on process and need. Through our commitment to operational excellence, you will benefit from our wide variety of integrated capabilities, support services, and technologies.

Plastic Gluing and Taping
The reliable, economical, and tailored joining of plastic elements, specific to the client’s needs, is key in the processing of plastics. That’s why Plastic Extrusion Technologies is so skilled at the secondary operation of plastic gluing and taping, which can be performed during extrusion (on-line) or after extrusion (off-line).

A multitude of diverse products to choose from is always helpful to a customer seeking specific designs that perfectly fit their needs. Plastic Extrusion Technologies accomplishes this by using the affordable method of punching to creating durable products that are contoured to your specifications.

Plastic Forming
The advanced forming division at Plastic Extrusion Technologies is uniquely qualified to handle your single or multi-plane bend plastic forming in order to create a superior finished product with tight tolerances, within your specs, and with better lead times and parity prices than other companies. Three services we offer are pressure forming, thermoforming, and vacuum forming.

Heat Welding
One of Plastic Extrusion Technologies’ specialties is heat welding plastic fabrications in a wide range of sizes within well-controlled process parameters. Our professionals are experts at heat welding profiles to produce finished parts per our customers’ specs.
In the welding of plastics, two similar thermoplastic components are joined under heat and pressure. As a result, after cooling, a permanent and dimensionally stable bond occurs. This allows you to create angles, gaskets, and a myriad of other continuous length products. Particle-free plastic joints are an additional advantage of this preferred joining technique, which is suitable for many plastics.

Plastic Extrusion Technologies manufactures plastic products for all types of companies. Window manufacturers to adhesives producers, use custom extrusions produced by Plastic Extrusion Technologies. From startup ventures looking to get a prototype, to established companies that want to cut costs, our custom plastic extrusions provide solutions to many companies across the country.

We understand the job doesn’t always end with the creation of a simple plastic extruded piece. Instead, we realize clients often require an additional step in the plastic manufacturing process in order to meet their ever-evolving needs. That’s why Plastic Extrusion Technologies offers a range of plastic fabrication and plastic finishing services, allowing us to see projects through from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Fabrication and Plastic Finishing Services

Q: What is plastic fabrication and finishing?

A: Plastic fabrication and finishing is a process that involves taking an extruded plastic product and applying various methods to achieve a desired appearance, structure, or functionality. It can range from color-matching parts to heat welding.

Q: What types of plastics do you work with for fabrication and finishing?

A: We work with numerous plastics, including ABS, PC/ABS, Acrylic, Flexible PVC & Rigid PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, HDPE, TPR/TPO, Nylon 6, and Noryl.

Q: How does co-extrusion differ from the standard plastic extrusion process?

A: Co-extrusion involves simultaneously extruding multiple layers of varying materials to produce a single product, providing unique characteristics that wouldn’t be possible with a singular material.

Q: What is the purpose of notching and drilling in plastic fabrication?

A: Notching and drilling services enable customization of the extruded products to specific dimensions and designs. They can be executed during or post the extrusion process based on requirements.

Q: Why is plastic gluing and taping important?

A: Plastic gluing and taping are essential for joining different plastic elements securely. This secondary operation can be performed during or after extrusion, ensuring a robust and seamless finish.

Q: How do you ensure the precision of plastic forming?

A: Our advanced forming division handles pressure forming, thermoforming, and vacuum forming with tight tolerances. Our aim is to produce a superior finished product that aligns with client specifications.

Q: What is heat welding in the context of plastic fabrication?

A: Heat welding involves joining two similar thermoplastic components under heat and pressure, leading to a permanent bond after the cooling of the molten plastic. It’s a method we specialize in, allowing the creation of diverse products like angles, gaskets, and more.

Q:How does Plastic Extrusion Technologies stand out in the market?

A: With our experience since 1997, we offer comprehensive services from extrusion to fabrication and finishing, catering to a diverse range of industries and client requirements.

Q: How do you ensure quality in your finishing services?

A: Quality control is paramount. We constantly monitor factors like material consistency, processing temperature, and finishing techniques. Regular checks and rigorous testing guarantee that the final product meets the set specifications.

Q: Can you provide custom finishing solutions for unique projects?

A: Yes, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and customization capabilities.Often, applications may require a custom color match. We are able to extrude a variety of different-colored PVCs, polyethylenes, ABS, nylon, polypropylene, and TPR’s daily to meet the demands of an ever-growing market.

Q: What is the significance of tri-extrusions?

A: Tri-extrusions involve the simultaneous extrusion of three different materials or layers. This method allows us to capitalize on the distinct properties of each material, resulting in a product that has composite features.

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