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Polyethylene Interlocking Profile in Georgia

Plastic Polyethylene Profile

Material: Polyethylene

Column post cover application

Plastic Extrusion 4 Inch Interlocking Profile, Polyethylene

4 Inch Interlocking Profile, Polyethylene

Plastic Extrusion Technologies provided 4 inch polyethylene interlocking profile for a Georgia client. This product was used for a column post cover application.

Column posts of any kind provide protection of what is inside the column, as well as protect people from contact. Polyethylene is a form of plastic with a lot of strength and can be used in outdoor applications. Other applications for polyethylene include:

  • Rack Guards
  • Bridging Sleeves
  • Sign Post Covers
  • Column Colors

Plastic Extrusion Technologies has provided custom plastic extrusion products to Atlanta, Columbus, and Savannah.

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