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Heat Welding Plastic Extrusions

One of Plastic Extrusion Technologies’ specialties is heat welding plastic fabrications in a wide range of sizes within well-controlled process parameters. Our professionals are experts at heat welding profiles to produce finished parts per our customers’ specs.

In the welding of plastics, two similar thermoplastic components are joined under heat and pressure. As a result, after cooling, a permanent and dimensionally stable bond occurs. This allows you to create angles, gaskets, and a myriad of other continuous length products. Particle-free plastic joints are an additional advantage of this preferred joining technique, which is suitable for many plastics.

You can rely on Plastic Extrusion Technologies for all your heat welding needs. With us, you can be sure that the product you order will be to your specifications and prints. That’s because our experienced production staff is dedicated to ensuring you receive parts with uniform specifications on each and every order.

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