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Point of Purchase Displays (POP)

Plastic Extrusion Technologies has designed and manufactured  thousands of complex Point of Purchase displays for clients in many different industries. A sample of our products include:

You can trust Plastic Extrusion Technologies based on their 30 years of engineering experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. We will provide you with a brilliant POP display that perfectly matches your needs and budgetary goals.

Plastic Extrusion Frame, Rigid PVC

Rigid PVC for product display application

With over 100 years of engineering experience, Plastic Extrusion Technologies has the knowledge and capability to provide solutions to the POP display industry with practically any custom application. Our process begins with a careful examination of your needs, followed by cost effective solutions from our engineering team to meet your needs and budgetary goals.

To learn more about Plastic Extrusion Technologies and our Point of Purchase Displays, contact our team of professionals today and get a free quote.

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