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Plastic Extrusion Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Plastic Extrusion Technologies, our ultimate priority is your satisfaction. We hope these answers to common questions will satisfy your curiosity, however, please call if you have any other questions or seek additional information.

Q: Do you offer custom packing?

A: Yes. Like every aspect of our company, we strive to provide our customers with a professionally tailored, personal experience and perfect product result for your specific plastic extrusion project.

Q: Does Plastic Extrusion Technologies work with any alternatives to the standard plastic extrusion materials?

A: Yes. We offer wood-filled plastic compounds and have worked with nanocomposite and green initiative materials. We also stay current on composite material development as well as increase our understanding and use of non-PVC green materials.

Q: What if I want my plastic extruded product to incorporate more than one color? Is that possible?

A: Yes. Using our state-of-the-art machinery and finely tuned expert plastic extrusion production process, we are able to make plastic extrusions with two different colors.

Q: How wide can you produce plastic extrusions?

A: We can extrude up to an 18” width, and in some cases, even wider.

Q: What are the length limits of the plastic extrusions and tubing you produce?

A: We can run lengths of 24’.

Q: Does Plastic Extrusion Technologies offer blanket ordering programs?

A: Yes. We do offer blanket ordering programs. Because we assess every project and request on an individual basis we will need to talk more with you about your project needs and requirements. Please contact Plastic Extrusion Technologies via our P.E.T. Contact Us Form to further discuss your plastic extrusions project.

Q: What types of plastic material and polymers does Plastic Extrusion Technologies work with?

A: We have the ability to work with RPVC, FPVC, TPR, HIPS, ABS, NORYL, ACRYLIC, polyethylene, polypropylene, , and other raw materials.

Q: Why is the plastic extrusion process necessary?

A: Plastic extrusion is used to produce a large range of products on the market today, from building materials to consumer products. Pipes, tubing, fence, edging, and weather stripping are just a few of the common items. Plastic Extrusion Technologies creates high quality objects using thermoplastic material in order to protect against corrosion and improve its tensile strength.

Q: How does the plastic extrusion process work?

A: During the plastic extrusion process, resin beads are melted down, filtered, pushed through an extrusion die, and then cooled. Raw plastic is fed into a hopper with colorants, additives, and UV inhibitors that are required for that particular job. The plastic beads or granules flow from the hopper down into the feed throat. They are dispensed onto a large spinning screw extruder. The beads move from the high pressure rotating screw while being heated to the melting temperature based on that plastic’s mechanical properties. The molten plastic flows across a breaker plate and screen. The screen removes any contaminants or inconsistencies. The plastic flows smoothly from the cylindrical profile of the extruder into the final shape.

Q: Can I request custom dimensions for my plastic extrusions?

A: Absolutely. We specialize in custom plastic extrusions, offering flexibility in dimensions ranging from 3 to 10 inches or even wider.

Q: Is Keller Plastic a material option for my plastic extrusion project?

A: Currently, we do not work with Keller Plastic. However, we offer a diverse range of materials such as RPVC, FPVC, TPR, HIPS, ABS, NORYL, ACRYLIC, polyethylene, polypropylene, and more for your customization needs.

Q: Can Plastic Extrusion Technologies accommodate bulk orders for plastic extrusions?

A: Absolutely. We offer blanket ordering programs, ensuring that whether you need 3 to 10 units or more, we can tailor a solution to meet your specific project needs.

Q: Is the plastic extrusion process environmentally friendly?

A: Plastic Extrusion Technologies is dedicated to environmental responsibility. We work with non-PVC green materials and stay informed about green initiative materials, contributing to sustainable plastic extrusion practices.

 Q: Can I request specific additives for my plastic extrusions?

A: Certainly. Our plastic extrusion process allows for the inclusion of additives such as UV inhibitors.

Q: How does Plastic Extrusion Technologies handle requests for plastic trim in custom projects?

A: Plastic trim is within our expertise. Whether you need 1 to 2 units or more, we can customize plastic trim to complement your project’s aesthetics.

 Q: Can Plastic Extrusion Technologies create plastic extrusions with intricate designs or patterns?

A: Absolutely. Our advanced machinery and skilled professionals enable us to produce plastic extrusions with intricate designs and patterns.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing custom plastic extrusions over standard off-the-shelf options?

A: Opting for custom plastic extrusions offers numerous advantages, including a precise fit, tailored dimensions (3 to 10 inches or more), and the ability to meet specific project requirements with precision.

Q: Does Plastic Extrusion Technologies offer consultations for project assessments and recommendations?

A: Yes. We encourage clients to reach out for consultations. Our experts assess each project individually, providing tailored recommendations based on your needs and ensuring optimal results.

Q: Are there any color options available for standard plastic extrusions, aside from custom color requests?

A: Yes. While we offer custom color options, our standard plastic extrusions also come in a variety of colors. Feel free to inquire about our color palette to find the one that suits your project.

 Q: How does Plastic Extrusion Technologies contribute to sustainable practices in the plastic extrusion industry?

A: Sustainability is a priority for us. By working with non-PVC green materials and staying informed about green initiatives, Plastic Extrusion Technologies actively contributes to sustainable practices in the plastic extrusion industry.

Q: How does the customization process work when ordering a custom plastic profile from Plastic Extrusion Technologies?

A: Ordering a custom plastic profile is a streamlined process. Simply provide us with your specifications, including dimensions and design preferences. Our team will work closely with you to create your custom plastic profile for your project.

Q: What is the significance of using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the production of extruded plastic profiles?

A: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a versatile material used in extruded plastic profiles. Plastic Extrusion Technologies leverages the unique properties of PVC to create durable and high-quality profiles suitable for various applications.

Q: What distinguishes extruded plastic profiles from standard plastic profiles in terms of applications and performance?

A: Extruded plastic profiles differ from standard plastic profiles due to their unique shaping process, allowing for customized dimensions and configurations. This makes them well-suited for diverse applications such as architectural trim and custom components.

Q: What sets rigid PVC apart as a preferred material for profile extrusion at Plastic Extrusion Technologies?

A: Rigid PVC stands out as a preferred material for profile extrusion at Plastic Extrusion Technologies due to its versatility, strength, and cost-effectiveness.

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