The custom plastic extrusion process is a varied one with applications sometimes requiring two or more different materials to create a specific part. Each plastic extruding process begins in the form of plastic sheets or granules that are sent to a manufacturing facility, where additives such as colorants and UV inhibitors are added as needed. The raw plastic materials then go through specialized molding methods in an extrusion machine depending on which type of application is required. Finally, the thermoplastic material is continuously melted and pushed through specific plastic profiles before being fabricated into the final continuous profile or extruded products.

Co-Extrusion and Tri-Extrusion are two similar examples of these plastic extrusion processes that each produce distinctive results.


The co-extrusion process involves extruding two raw materials of molten plastic through a single die so that they merge together into a single structure before cooling. The advantage of using co-extrusion over single extrusion is that each material used maintains its desired properties once it becomes the finished product. This includes characteristics such as stiffness, impermeability, or environmental-resistance.

Coextrusion begins with large pellets being combined in large bins which deliver the specified formula of materials to the coextrusion machine. After the pellets are mixed and melted, they are passed through a single extrusion head, known as the die. As the materials continue through the die, a multi-layered cylindrical rod is made of the combined materials, cooled with water, and cut into specified lengths.


Tri-extrusion is a similar process to co-extrusion, except three different raw materials are used to create the final product instead of two.

The tri-extrusion process utilizes three extruders to manufacture a part that has three resins of differing properties. It is typically used to create an extruded part with multiple performance characteristics related to the different types of plastic materials. The biggest advantage of the tri-extrusion process is the ability to add different finishes, colors, and materials to one single extruded profile.

Plastic Extrusion Applications

Plastic Extrusion Technologies creates high quality products using high-quality plastic material in order to protect against corrosion over time. Some of our creations include, but are not limited to HVAC, cable and wire, and refrigeration applications:

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