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Plastic Coextrusions

Coextrusion is defined as the simultaneous extrusion of multiple layers of material. This type of extrusion utilizes two or more extruders to melt and deliver a steady volumetric throughput of different viscous plastics to a single extrusion head (die), which extrudes the materials into the desired form. The thickness of each layer is determined by the relative speed and size of the individual extruders delivering the materials.

Coextrusions allow Plastic Extrusion Technologies to employ the unique characteristics of various polymers in the same small-diameter tubing. This produces a multitude of useful products you will only find at Plastic Extrusion Technologies.

Our expertise with uniquely challenging plastic tubing extrusions, partnered with our staunch commitment to quality, has led us into many industries. As a leading supplier of extruded plastic tubing, we continue to prove time and again that our products are the finest in the industry.

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