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Commercial Construction Applications

Plastic Extrusion Technologies has designed and manufactured thousands of complex, custom plastic extrusions, plastic tubing and profiles for clients in many different industries, including the construction industry. We have the ability to work with many different types of plastic including polycarbonate, polyethylene, and polypropylene. We have provided products for various commercial and road construction projects such as:

  • Baseboard Covers
  • Basement Wall Forms
  • Thresholds
  • Door Frames
  • Housing Frames
  • Window Trim
  • Footer Drains
Commercial Construction

Vane Blade, PC/ABS commercial building and construction application

Why Use Custom Plastic Profiles in Your Commercial Construction Projects

Plastic is just as durable as traditional building materials. With it’s tolerance to corrosion, plastic is ideally suited for harsh outdoor projects. Using plastic instead of metal can be more cost-effective, as well. With many construction projects focused on controlling costs, the material choice is very important. This is where plastic is a great choice.

Because of their lightweight and flexible properties, plastics and flexible PVC are becoming more commonly used in the construction industry instead of traditional materials. Plastic extrusions can be used for protective casing for cables and electrical wires. Plastics are more environmentally friendly than some other options. Several kinds of plastic can be recycled, and many plastics do a much better job protecting against noise pollution. Plastics can be heat resistant, making them ideal for electrical wires and other housings.

The lightweight nature of plastic is safer than metal and results in fewer workplace accidents and injuries. Since plastics tend to be lighter and easier to install, this requires less workers to complete a job, helping construction companies keep labor costs down.

With over 100 years of engineering experience, Plastic Extrusion Technologies has the knowledge and extrusion capabilities to offer practically limitless solutions for any plastic products you may have in the construction industry, refrigeration, automotive, and HVAC industry.

Our clients are impressed with the short lead times we provide for their custom projects. Whatever the need, Plastic Extrusion Technologies can fill it with high-quality plastic extrusions for any budget and construction application.

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