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Single Plastic Extrusion

Being the most common type of extrusion in the industry, single extrusions are where profiles are designed using a single thermoplastic material cut to varying lengths. Plastic Extrusion Technologies has the capability to produce a wide gamut of profiles, from the very simple to the very complex depending on the degree of secondary work required. Such as: Custom Color Matching, Co-Extrusion and Tri-Extrusions, Notching and Drilling, Plastic Gluing and Taping, Punching, Plastic Forming, and Heat Welding.

Through innovative research and development, we are able to design products that meet your specific needs and reduce cost by eliminating assembly and extending functionality. Our focus on technology and our in-depth understanding of material properties, such as the flexibility of rigid PVC or the durability of commodity plastics, allow us to generate an in-depth analysis of your single plastic extrusion application. This ensures that you receive the very best value in tooling design, manufacturing, and material selection.

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Plastic Extrusion Technologies can meet all your custom plastic profile and plastic extrusion needs throughout Ohio and the United States.

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