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Plastic Extrusions for Brush Applications

Plastic Extrusion Technologies continues to manufacture a multitude of brush-related products and extrusions for various industries nationwide.

Our custom plastic extrusions play an important role in many industrial brush applications for dust management and airflow management systems and beyond. Brushes not only sweep and serve as cleaning elements but can provide an additional level of filtration for particulate matter. Our brush applications can be found on floor sweepers and door bottoms, for example, in the pursuit of cleaner air and cleaner facilities.

Due to the durability and thermal resistance of ABS plastic, PET manufactures off-center tubing for use with brush applications as diverse as:

  • Turf brushes for landscaping
  • Garage and self-storage door brushes
  • Packaging and material-handling brushes
  • Harvesting (combine) brushes
  • Escalator brushes
  • Conveyor belt brushes

Click ABS Tubing to see an example of one of our brush extrusions in our Portfolio Gallery. Our off-center tubing has many uses for brush applications as well.

Learn more about ABS material that is invaluable for our brush applications.

Plastic Extruded Off Center, Tubing ABS

Off-Center Extrusion for Brush Application

With over 100 years of engineering experience, Plastic Extrusion Technologies has the knowledge and capability to provide solutions to the brush industry with any custom plastic extrusion need. Our process begins with a careful examination of your desired application, followed by cost effective solutions from our engineering team specific to your needs and budgetary goals.

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