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Plastic Extrusions for Safety Applications

Plastic Extrusion Technologies is in the business of making life better and safer. We accomplish this bold objective by manufacturing excellent plastic products that perfectly conform to your individual needs. Our number one goal is your complete satisfaction with our custom products.

With in-depth technical support and assistance, we have designed and manufactured countless complex plastic extrusions and plastic profiles for the purpose of safety and protection of clients in many diverse industries. A sample of our safety products include:

These products ensure the safety of individuals in industries such as: manufacturing, sports, construction, etc.


7 inch tube for rail cover application


With over 100 years of engineering experience, Plastic Extrusion Technologies has the knowledge and capability to provide to industries looking to ensure a safe environment for themselves and their employees.

You can trust Plastic Extrusion Technologies with all your plastic and safety needs. If you still wish to learn more, contact our experts today and receive a free quote. Plastic Extrusion Technologies: making life better and safer one plastic product at a time.

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