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We create custom plastic profiles through a high-volume extrusion process of heating raw materials and pushing the molten plastic compound through a specialized tool until the raw plastic materials are the desired shape. It is then subjected to a cooling process to ensure the plastic extrusion retains the correct shape. Custom colors and various additives are also available.

Shapes & Profiles

Plastic Extrusion Tech has many different tools that can be used to manufacture a large range of extruded plastic profiles. Our materials include low density and high density polyethylene, high impact polystyrene, ABS, TPR, Noryl, PVC profiles and more.

Here are some of the shapes and extrusion profiles we create with our plastic products:

Flexible & Rigid PVC:


  • Safety Rack
  • PE_Orange With Reflect Tape
  • 4 Inch Interlocking Profile
  • 7 Inch Tube
  • Co-Extrude Interlocking Profile
  • 8 Inch Tube


  • Translucent Signage
  • Plastic Extrusions Frame
  • Plastic Extrusions Flat White
  • Lens Cover


  • Blade Wiper
  • Wear Strip


For more information on each individual profile, feel free to visit our Plastic Extrusions Profile Gallery.

Plastic Extrusion Technologies has supplied plastic extrusion profile products to high profile clients all over the United States, from Massachusetts to Miami, Alaska to Texas. If you have questions about production, or need more detail about a specific product, give us a call at 877-439-4896.


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