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Polyethylene Rack Covers in Michigan

Plastic Polyethylene Rack Covers

Material: Polyethylene

Rack cover application with Mylar tape

Plastic Extrusion Safety Rack, Polyethylene

Safety Rack, Polyethylene

Plastic Extrusion Technologies provided custom plastic extrusions as part of a polyethylene rack covers application for a Michigan client. These covers provide visibility and protection for pallet racks and warehouse products.

Safety is a top priority in a warehouse environment. Rack covers like these provide a clear visual line of sight for rack ledges and corners. Usually, rack guards have a Mylar strip of tape for increased visibility. This visibility makes it easier for tow motor operators when loading and unloading pallets on racks, and when rounding corners in the warehouse.

Rack covers also contribute to OSHA compliance and other regulations.

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