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Plastic tubing can be customized for applications in a range of markets from medical and chemical processing, to packaging and food and beverage. When choosing the right material for a custom tubing product, there are many important factors to consider. Different polymers are more suited to specific applications due to characteristics like chemical resistance, suitability for high pressure or low pressure situations, or abrasion resistance. If needed, certain polymers can even fulfill both NSF and FDA requirements.

Plastic Tubing Types

Flexible Plastic Tubing

Tubing made of flexible materials is useful for various applications. Some flexible plastic tubing is able to handle the high pressure that makes it effective in pneumatic systems. Some are also high temperature resistant and are able to be used over long distances without connectors, clamps, or adapters, allowing for use in farming applications.

Polyurethane tubing is known for its kink and abrasion resistance, which — along with its oil and chemical resistance — makes it a popular choice for medical applications. Polyurethane tubing, nylon tubing, and low density/linear low density polyethylene tubing (LDPE/LLDPE) are all common choices for fluid transfer applications. These flexible polymers can be manufactured into poly tubing that is non toxic and meets high-purity food grade standards, making their use prevalent in the food and beverage industries.

Flexible PVC tubing (poly vinyl chloride) is heavy duty and corrosion resistant, and is a common choice for industrial applications. For example, clear vinyl tubing is often used to transport solvents safely and effectively.

Rigid Tubing

Rigid plastic tubing is used for a variety of applications, including the transfer of air, liquids, and solids, or even food processing. Rigid tubing is crimp-resistance, with variance in chemical resistance, and wall thickness.

Tubing made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene is often much more heavy duty and robust than other polymers, making these materials good choices for applications such as construction or use in the safety industry.


There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing the right plastic material for your custom tubing product. At Plastic Extrusion Technologies, there is always someone that can answer any questions you might have, and let you know what polymers and thermoplastics they have in stock at any given moment. Plastic Extrusion Technologies produces high quality extruded plastic products that clients can trust to serve their needs for years to come.