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Fluted Plastic Tube Application in Alaska

Fluted Plastic Tube

Material: Rigid PVC

Parking meter pole cover application

Plastic Extrusion Fluted Tube, Rigid PVC

Fluted Tube, Rigid PVC

Plastic Extrusion Technologies offers custom extrusions all over the nation, including this fluted rigid PVC tube for a client based in Alaska. These tubes were used as covers for parking meter poles to provide protection from the weather. Because of the extreme brutality of Alaska’s weather conditions, these keep expensive parking meters protected from the elements.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is one of the most popular plastics, used heavily in the construction industry because if its durability and flexibility.

Here are some other applications for PVC tubing:

  • Electric Cable Insulation
  • Inflatable Products
  • Rubber Substitute
  • Construction Piping

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