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Clear Tubing

Polycarbonate Clear Plastic Tubing

Polycarbonate: Polyethylene Used in lighting industry application

Plstic Extrusion Clear Tubing, Polycarbonate

Clear Tubing, Polycarbonate

Plastic Extrusion Technologies provided custom polycarbonate clear tubing application for a California client. This product was used for a lighting industry application. Polycarbonates are part of the thermoplastic polymer group, and are easy to mold and pliable. This makes it a prime choice for tubing applications. Polycarbonates are useful for many applications because of its high impact resistance, but it does require a hard coating because of its low scratch resistance. Other applications for polycarbonates include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Automotive Components
  • Light Fixtures in Appliances

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