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Custom plastic tubing allows for a wide variety of personalized options and design flexibility. Material, color, shape, size and more are all details that can be customized during the tubing process to fit your requirements. Applicable for a range of markets, creating flexible plastic tubing is a complex process that our team works to make a reality for your needs.

Flexible PVC can be extruded into tubing which is used in a number of applications. It can be manufactured to be transparent or opaque, which makes it ideal for use in chemical processing applications. Extruded flexible PVC resists corrosion from exposures to some chemicals and works well with many adhesives. The final tubing products are often used in the construction, furniture, electrical, sporting goods, point of purchase, and household appliance industries.

Selecting Customizable Materials

Using proprietary tubing extrusion methods, we are able to customize your flexible tubing. The first step in the process includes choosing the materials that best fit your product requirements. At Plastic Extrusion Tech, we use high-quality materials that are corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and FDA approved.

MaterialsPolypropylene tubing, Polyethylene tubing, Flexible PVC tubing, Santoprene, LDPE, LLDPE,

ColorsTransparent, Translucent, Opaque, Stock PMS Color or Custom Color Match

ShapesRound, Oval, Square, Rectangular, Triangular

SizesUp to 12” Outside Diameter

OtherCut to Length In-Line or Wound on Spools or Coils, Slitting, Hole punching

Creating Unique Tubing Products

Once you’ve selected your customizations, your products will be extruded by our team of plastic manufacturing professionals. Extrusion is a process that creates objects with fixed cross-sectional profiles by pushing molten plastic through a die, thus generating a continuous profile that can then be cut after it cools to fit size requirements. This process is ideal for creating flexible plastic tubing and piping.

At Plastic Extrusion Tech, our state-of-the-art plastic tubing extrusion processes allow us to hold the industry challenging tolerances and manufacture extrusions using a broad range of thermoplastic materials to meet your exact specifications and exceed your highest expectations. We are committed to the strictest quality standards, continued investments in the latest equipment, and client service that is second-to-none.

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