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Plastic Extrusion Technologies can extrude many thermoplastic raw materials into custom profile shapes and plastic products. Read more about the plastic extrusion process here. We will work with you to provide high quality extruded products. Our manufacturing process is ideal for both custom extruding and high-volume plastic profile extrusions, all cost-effective!

Extruded PVC is one of the most popular extruded plastic products and the applications are almost endless. They are used in the construction, refrigeration, irrigation, and automotive industries. Raw PVC, depending on its specific properties, can be made into many shapes and can feature different qualities of rigidity, flexibility, or opaqueness.

Rigid PVC can be extruded into tubing or profiles. Flexible PVC can be extruded into tubing or profiles which are used in many applications. Flexible and rigid PVC can be manufactured to be transparent or opaque, which makes it ideal for use in chemical processing applications. Extruded PVC resists corrosion from exposures to some chemicals and works well with many adhesives. We’re able to produce specialty cut lengths and custom colors to match your desired specifications.

In addition to the 18 different resins we currently utilize, Plastic Extrusion Technologies offers polyethylene, propylene, styrene and PVC resins. We also offer a wide range of finishing services as part of our mission to provide our customers with the most thorough, flexible, and effective service to fulfill their extrusion and co-extrusion needs.

Extruded Products

• Windows and door frame extrusions
• PVC pipes
• Hydroponic components
• Refrigeration components
• Brush industry profiles and tubing
• Tubing extrusions

Types Of Material We Work With


• Large collection of standard colors with color matching capabilities
• Precision tolerance cutting
• Clear resins available in stock grades

Polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene

• Lightweight resins available in standard and specialty grades
• Polymer composed of organic units connected by urethane links
• Hollow shapes or solid profiles
• Standard or custom colors

High Density Poly Ethylene

• Thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum and is of the most versatile plastic materials
• Used in plastic bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, cutting boards and piping

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Plastic Extrusion Technologies’ multi-line operation allows for easy custom plastic profile extrusions for both small and large profiles. We are able to ensure the utmost design optimization along with high volume speed-to-market production. In addition to PVC Extrusion, we work on a number of high quality custom plastic extrusions.

If you require plastic extruding services, contact Plastic Extrusion Technologies for more information. With over 100 years’ experience, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have and meet your business’s needs. Contact our team of specialists to learn more about our products, abilities and applications.