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Plastic Extrusion Technologies is always looking for ways to improve the plastic they manufacture in an effort to better meet the needs of their customers. Our capabilities and applications include the latest and greatest technological advancements to help us create the unique plastic products that we deliver to our clients on a daily basis.

Bioplastics is one way that the plastic industry is making strides toward newer products, better plastics, and happier customers.

Biobased polymers (bioplastics) are made from agricultural byproducts or feedstocks, such as corn starch, wood cellulose, vegetable fats and oils, wheat fiber, etc.

Depending upon what biomass materials are used, bioplastics can have a variety of different capabilities that range from greater flexibility, biodegradability, high melting points, and increased strength and durability.

Because bioplastics are made from renewable resources, they present a multitude of benefits that manufacturers and customers find extremely valuable:

  • Bioplastics due away with the health risks associated with the potentially deadly chemicals found in conventional plastics.
  • Because bioplastics are only made from renewable resources, we are no longer using up non-renewable resources that are used for other important products in our society.
  • Unlike conventional plastics, bioplastics reduce the need to drill for resources. This protects the environment and saves companies the money they would typically spend when working with conventional plastics.
  • Because bioplastics can be engineered into biodegradable products, certain bioplastics can be composted into a local soil amendment.
  • Some studies have concluded that the use of bioplastics can result in a 42% reduction in carbon footprints.

Biobased polymers are used in a variety of products we use everyday. Typically used for disposable items like grocery bags, egg cartons, bottling for soft drinks and dairy products, bioplastics have a positive impact on the products we use and the environment we live in.

Bioplastics can also be used in non-disposable applications that include plastic piping, phone casings, and carpet fibers. In fact, research is being done to create a bioplastic that can be used to carry an electrical current.

Bioplastics offer unlimited opportunities to businesses within the plastic industry. Such opportunities provide benefits that save money, protect the environment, and produce better plastics that effectively meet the needs of customers.

Biobased polymers are re-inventing plastics and with Plastic Extrusion Technologies you can re-invent your business with our quality services and custom plastic extrusions. Call or contact us today to learn more!

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