Plastic Extrusion Technologies isn’t just our name; it’s what we do best. From construction to consumer products, our dedication to quality and attention to detail put us above the rest. We take on everything related to plastic extrusion, from sturdy building materials to everyday consumer products. Our commitment to doing things right is what sets us apart. With a solid track record of over 100 years of industry experience, our know-how can cover all your plastic extrusion needs. We’re more than a company; we’re your trusted partner in the world of plastic extrusion.

The Imperative of Sustainability in The Plastic Extrusion ProcessThe journey of thermoplastic extrusion began in 1935 when Paul Troester and Ashley Gershoff made pioneering strides in Hamburg, Germany. This milestone laid the foundation for what has become a critical process in the manufacturing of versatile plastic products. The plastic extrusion process starts with guiding polymers or raw plastic into the heart of the extrusion machine. Here, they melt into a malleable state and make their way through a custom-designed mold. The mold will be whatever the consumer requires: whether that’s tubing, plastic film, or any other detailed profile. The extrusion process accommodates a wide range of thermoplastics such as PVC, PE, PP, ABS, and Acrylic, among others. The material selection hinges on the specific characteristics needed in the finished piece.

Custom Plastic Extrusions

The versatility of plastic extrusions allows for boundless customization, making it a valuable resource across various sectors. PET’s expertise in custom plastic extrusion stretches to an array of configurations, encompassing a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and material types. At Plastic Extrusion Technologies, our expertise and advanced extrusion techniques provide nearly endless possibilities for any plastic material needed in construction, refrigeration, the automotive sector, or HVAC systems.

Plastic Extrusions Across Sectors

Plastic Extrusions for Refrigeration ApplicationsPlastic Extrusion Technologies excels in delivering your custom plastic product across diverse sectors. In every city, grocery stores are the foundation of community. We provide refrigeration parts that include specialized trims and lenses for these stores. We also deliver raceways and cord covers because our tailored profiles meet precise needs. In the HVAC industry, our custom tubing and casings show our commitment to both efficiency and design. Our company excels in quality by specializing in crafting specific extruded parts for a wide range of applications.

Plastic Tubing Extrusion Options

Medical needs, food and beverage, chemical processing, industrial applications, retail packaging, and more all use types of tube extrusion. The tubing process uses any custom extrusion needed. In the category of colors, we can provide transparent, translucent, opaque, stock PMS color or a custom match. When it comes to shapes, our machines can deliver round, oval, square, rectangular, or triangular with sizing options up to 12” outside diameter.

Construction Applications

In the realm of construction, plastic extrusions play a pivotal role, providing durable, lightweight, and cost-effective solutions for a myriad of applications. From window frames to insulation materials, the versatility of extruded plastic components, thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, helps streamline construction processes. These materials not only offer superior resistance to weather and wear but also come in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing for aesthetic flexibility in design. Moreover, the manufacturing process of extruding plastics emphasizes the ability to recycle and reuse, aligning with the industry’s growing commitment to sustainability. Consequently, plastic extrusions are becoming increasingly integral to modern construction, promising both performance and environmental benefits.

Small Batches To Bulk Orders

Plastic Extrusion Technology stands out for its exceptional adaptability in manufacturing, catering to diverse client needs from fulfilling small batch orders to handling bulk production with the same level of precision and customization. This manufacturing flexibility is crucial for clients whose requirements may vary significantly, ensuring they receive products that precisely match their specifications. PET’s ability to tailor solutions extends to a wide range of industries, demonstrated through numerous case examples. For instance, a small startup needing custom-shaped profiles for a new product was able to order just the right quantity needed for prototypes, while a large construction company received consistent, high-quality extruded components for a major project on a tight schedule. PET’s capability to scale production without compromising on the customization or quality of the extruded plastics showcases its comprehensive approach to meeting and exceeding client expectations, regardless of the order size.

Trust Plastic Extrusion Technologies

Our unwavering commitment to quality, enriched by over a century of expertise in working with plastic materials, positions us as leaders in providing custom extruded solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From revolutionizing industrial brush applications to accommodating the precise demands of the construction, automotive, and HVAC industries, our ability to deliver on both small-scale prototypes and large-scale production projects emphasizes our ability to adjust and our deep commitment to pleasing our clients. As we continue to explore the endless possibilities of plastic extrusions, from construction to consumer products, Plastic Extrusion Technologies maintains its leading position, not only as a provider but also as a dependable ally in innovation and quality. Let us help you realize the potential of your next project with the confidence and quality that only PET can provide.