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Coextrusion InnovationBusinesses want to be successful, productive, and beneficial to society. For these reasons, businesses are always trying to better themselves by squeezing out those last few ounces of perfection and precision. Those small iotas of excellence could mean many things: increased productivity, smarter cost effectiveness, higher accuracy, greater customer satisfaction, bigger profits, superior products, or a combination of them all. Much like the importance of seasoning in a food dish, those few grains of potential improvement gives your business the kick and flavor it needs to have terrific taste.

But how do you obtain those small specks of brilliance? The answer is simply innovation. Innovation is define as making changes to something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. Plastic Extrusion Technologies meets this definition by taking advantage of Coextusion Technology.

Coextusion is the process of extruding two or more materials through a die to create a single piece of plastic unlike Single Extrusions which cuts single thermoplastic materials into varying lengths. The advantage of coextrusion is that each material used imparts a desired characteristic such as stiffness, heat-seal-ability, impermeability, or resistance to a particular environment. It would be impossible for Plastic Extrusion Technologies to make a product containing a variety of these attributes with a single material.

Coextrusion is a complex process that begins with large pellets being combined in large computer controlled bins which deliver the specified formula of materials to the company’s proprietary coextrusion machine. After the pellets are mixed and melted, they are passed through a single extrusion head, commonly known as the die, which is extremely important to executing the coextrusion process successfully. As the materials continue through the die, a multi-layered cylindrical rod is made of the combined materials, cooled with water, and cut into specified lengths.

These multi-layered rods are then made into various products specific to the customer’s needs. Some of these products include:

  • Tubing Typically used for applications such as: straws, cable protectors, plastic fiber optics, etc.
  • Structural or Decorative Units – Coextruded materials are often used as a substitute for wood and can be used for decks, boat docks, fences, etc.

Coextrusion was one form of innovation Plastic Extrusion Technologies needed in order to reach a product of higher quality and satisfaction. This innovation combined with Plastic Extrusion Technologies custom extrusions made design and construction possibilities limitless. Hundreds of clients have found that Plastic Extrusion Technologies products were the innovation, the kick start, the seasoning they needed to become a successful, productive, and tasteful business. Call Plastic Extrusion Technologies today and they just might be the innovation you’re looking for.

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