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Greener Options for Plastic ProductsIn recent years, going green has been a huge agenda for both the United States government and for many companies residing within its borders.  The uses of sustainable materials and sustainable energy have especially been stressed, in order to promote environmental stability and safety. But what are the effects of such objectives? More importantly, how will green objectives influence and impact the plastic industry?

Ultimately, the main effect on the plastic industry has been the increased popularity of wood-plastic composites for both businesses and consumers. Wood-plastic composites, also known as WPC’s, are mixtures of thermoplastic polymers and tiny wood particles. Fortunately, this mixture provides many benefits that neither wood or plastic alone could provide – going green doesn’t necessarily lead to a higher cost with no other benefits other than environmental. Going green by using wood-filled plastic compounds can benefit your business by providing greater value to your customers.

There are different compounds you can create out of wood / plastic mixtures. Some of the more popular materials include:

  • Wood-Filled Polyethylene
  • Wood-Filled Propylene
  • Wood-Filled Styrene
  • Wood-Filled PVC

Although finished compounds vary, there are certain characteristics and advantages that most of these materials offer. One of the most significant to business owners is a stiffer, lower-cost material than if plastic alone was used. Also, thanks to the use of wood and how easy it is to work with, less fossil fuels are needed to make the final product. Lastly, WPC’s have the potential be recyclable themselves, as they can often be melted and reformed.

For more information on green plastics, contact Plastic Extrusion Technologies today! We are happy to answer any questions you might have and help you determine if your application can make effective use of wood-filled plastic compounds. In addition to those plastic compounds, we also have experience working with nano composite and green initiative materials. If you need green plastic extruding services, Plastic Extrusion Technologies is awaiting your call!

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